Solder Joint Fatigue Inputs

Fatigue of solder joints under Leadless Chip Components (LCC), such as chip resistors and capacitors, can influence long-term reliability of electronic products operating in environments with temperature cycling. This model allows the user to predict the lifetime of leadless chip components accounting for solder alloy (Sn63Pb37 or SAC305), Printed Circuit Board (PCB) material, and use environment. The calculations are performed using a strain energy based model developed by DfR Solutions.

Solder Material:
Use default solder parameters
Bond Pad Width:
Bond Pad Length:

Component Type:
Component Case Size:
Note: Case sizes below 0805 do not tend to experience solder joint failures

PCB Material:
PCB Thickness:
Note: These calculations tend to be valid only for boards with a thickness of 1.5 mm (62 mil) or greater
PCB Tensile Modulus:

Minimum Temperature: Dwell Time:
Maximum Temperature: Dwell Time:

Solder Joint Fatigue Results
Delta Temperature:
Average Temperature:
Cycles To Failure: