Plated Through Hole (PTH) Fatigue Inputs

Computes the Mean Fatigue Life for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) materials using the IPC-TR-579 Failure Model. The calculations are based on the type and thickness of the material, the PTH size and the expected thermal environment.

NOTE: This calculation is not solvable for PCB materials with out-of-plane expansion of less than 30 ppm. This calculation is also not valid for wall thicknesses less than 20um and Interconnect Stress Testing (IST). Cycles to failure for IST can be as much as 3X greater than standard temperature cycling.

PCB Material:
PCB Thickness:
PCB Elastic Modulus:

PTH Diameter:
PTH Wall Thickness:
PTH Quality Factor:

Minimum Temperature:
Maximum Temperature:

Plated Through Hole (PTH) Fatigue Results
Number of Iterations:
Delta Temperature:
PTH Barrel Stress:
PTH Area:
PCB Area of Influence:
Strain Range:
Cycles To Failure: