Capacitor Flex Cracking Inputs

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC), also known as Chip Capacitors, are among the most common, and most fragile, of components used in Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs). Flex cracking, caused by excessive bending of the printed circuit board under the MLCC, is one of the most common reasons for field failures in electronic devices and is almost exclusively driven by design decisions. This calculator allows the user to predict the probability of flex cracking and see how adjusting certain design parameters will allow the user to avoid this failure mechanism.

NOTE: The capacitor is assumed to be placed on the PCB at the point of greatest deflection.

MLCC Manufacturer:
MLCC Dielectric:
MLCC Case Size:
MLCC Thickness: Between 0.3 and 2.5 mm

PCB Material:
PCB Thickness:
PCB Flexural Modulus:
PCB Applied Load Type:
PCB Applied Load:
PCB Length:

Use default solder parameters
Solder Material:
Bond Pad Width:
Bond Pad Length:
Solder Fillet Shape:

Capacitor Flex Cracking Results
PCB Moment:
MLCC Stress:
Failure Probability: